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One in every eight traffic-related fatalities and four percent of all injuries in car accidents include large commercial trucks — also known as tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks and big rigs. In a recent 10-year period, the amount of large trucks included in lethal crashes rose by 10%.

Trucks are larger and heavier than other automobiles on the road, which is the reason 77% individuals injured and 86% of people killed in large truck accidents are the drivers or passengers of smaller sized vehicles, including cars, SUV’s and motorcycles. These people and their loved ones are left to manage a life-changing tragedy, whereas the trucker normally escapes with minor injuries.

At our law firm of Riverside injury and automobile accident lawyers fight to hold truck drivers and trucking businesses accountable for damages they cause by negligent or careless driving.

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We have years of experience in protecting the legal rights and interests of those injured in tractor-trailer collisions, and we have a reputation having profitable verdicts and settlements for our clientele.

Our truck litigation team is regarded nationally for our abilities in state and national trucking regulations, and our attorneys are often selected to train other attorneys on trucking litigation. We understand how the trucking industry functions, and we remain up-to-date on the latest in trucking accident news and information.

Using our legal knowledge, vast resources and a comprehensive network of specialists, we take care of semi truck wreck cases from all over the nation, which includes those regarding driver fatigue, speeding, aggressive driving, alcohol and drug use, unsecured loads, substandard products, and incorrect routine maintenance or inspection.

If you have been wounded or lost a loved one in a crash with a large truck, our semi truck accident attorneys are ready to be your legal advocate. The Riverside trucking crash and Riverside tractor-trailer attorneys provide complimentary consultations. We do not collect any charges for our services unless we recover financial compensation on your behalf.

Every 16 minutes somebody is hurt or killed in a U.S. truck accident. Should you or your loved ones has been hurt in a Riverside tractor trailer accident, you need legal help now — before you make a deal with the insurance firm.

Trucking mishaps can be due to numerous factors, such as driver error, fatigue, intoxication or flawed brakes and tires. All of those causes suggest disregard on the part of the 18-wheeler driver or trucking company.

If you have been wounded in a large 18-wheeler accident, our tractor trailer collision lawyers can help you receive the justice and financial compensation you deserve.

Whenever 18 wheeler collisions happen, trucking companies typically send representatives to the accident scene to deal with crash victims right after the event, when they’re most susceptible. You need an individual on your side.

If you or somebody you love was injured in a Riverside 18 wheeler injury, you could have a case. Please make sure to email us right away to discuss your injuries with an experienced Big rig injury attorney Riverside.

Because of their tremendous size and sheer power, large 18 wheelers are one of the more bothersome factors that people of smaller passenger cars must overcome each and every day. With products being transported all over the country via 18 wheeler, there is a significant amount of semi truck traffic that passes over Riverside roads and highways. Large 18 wheelers are extremely valuable in their ability to haul considerable amounts of products from one destination to another.

However, as any victim of a tractor trailer accident knows, a rise in usefulness in cases like this also means an increase in possible problems presented to other drivers on the road.

Like all automobiles, large 18 wheelers are sophisticated pieces of machinery that have to have frequent maintenance to be able to effectively, and properly, function. Before they even get to the road, 18 wheelers are meant to be inspected to ensure the overall performance of all parts. Brakes, brake lights, side reflectors, trailer hitches, and the engine are all truck parts which need to be in excellent working order for a semi truck to be safe while you’re on the road.

Truck drivers, in control of these motorized behemoths, have a responsibility, like all other motorists, to be thorough and careful drivers, always paying attention to the rules of the road so as to steer clear of accidents and injury.

However, if a driver chooses to not keep to the rules of the road, drives recklessly in dangerous road conditions, decides not to routinely look at his or her semi truck to be sure complete functionality, or decides to abandon rules that have been set in place for truck drivers to continually perform at an optimum level, for example semi truck driver exhaustion, then that driver has chosen carelessness over safety and could be entirely to blame for any harm he or she causes on the road.

Sometimes, even trucking businesses can be held accountable for the risks that trucks bring to the road. If a trucking business ceases to scrutinize its truck, and sends that truck out on the road understanding the truck may not be safe to other motorists, then that trucking organization can be held liable for the damages and injuries that its truck triggers while on the road.

There are many of reasons that a truck can cause an crash. The commonality amongst them all is disregard, and carelessness equates to payment for impacted individuals in a court of law.

If you have been in a Riverside 18 wheeler accident, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our truck accident lawyers.

With knowledge and know-how on his side, he will certainly ensure you get the settlement you need to help deal with the price of medical payments, physical therapy service fees, car repair, and even forfeited and/or possible earnings. Please contact a Riverside semi truck accident lawyer today to get a no cost consultation.

Automobile accidents connected with tractor trailer trucks often have devastating outcomes. Because of their large size and freight loads, even a relatively ‘minor’ accident may result in victims seriously injured or result in wrongful death.

Truck accident suits offer a unique set of things to consider including problems with the semi truck carrier/business, insurance firms, and lawyers representing the truck company. If you, or a relative, were injured in an accident with a tractor trailer – you need our experienced semi truck accident lawyers.

There are many reasons why a truck accident might occur. A few of the more common reasons consist of:

  • The driver is speeding to fulfill a tight delivery due date
  • The driver is worn out due to driving for long intervals
  • The driver is stressed and tired, failing to pay sufficient attention to other drivers as well as the road
  • It is tough to view blind spots from a large semi truck
  • The driver doesn’t leave adequate space for his giant truck between other trucks
  • Mechanical malfunction and faulty equipment
  • Overloading of the truck

In addition to the dangers inherent in the size and weight of the trucks used in commercial transporting and shipping, numerous characteristics inherent in the organization may contribute to traffic incidents.

These include:

  • Inadequate training regarding driving technique, safety issues, and defensive driving
  • Systems of compensation that promote faster vehicle speeds and more hours of sequential vehicle operation than would normally be advisable
  • Impractical schedules and requirements of trucking organizations that entice drivers to hurry, in spite of safety risks involved

In case you or your family happen to be injured in an crash including a tractor trailer, learn about your rights by simply communicating with our attorneys for a FREE lawsuit evaluation! Please make sure to contact us right away to talk about your injuries with an experienced 18 wheeler injury attorney Riverside.

How an Experienced Riverside Truck Accident Attorney Can Help You

When you have been involved in any kind of a collision with a truck, or been in a collision that was caused by a separate truck crash, you need to make sure you donÔø?t choose just any attorney. It is necessary to speak to a truck accident attorney who is well versed in the laws and regulations, as well as past legal cases involving truckers.

The laws that regulate trucks and their drivers are on both the federal and state level, and what may seem like an innocuous accident to one lawyer may not seem so to a Riverside truck accident lawyer. They are well versed in the reasons why truck accidents occur, as well as what truck drivers are allowed and are not allowed to do while on the road. Not all truck accidents are the same, and the reasons behind them must be found out in order to establish blame, negligence, or even to find out if the trucker has broken the law.

There really are two different types of truck accidents that you can be in if you are in a vehicle, on a motorcycle, or are a pedestrian. The first of which is if you are hit by a large truck, and the second is if you are involved in an accident that was caused by a truck. For instance, a big rig may drive off the side of a highway, causing a pile-up behind him. In either of these instances, because the truck is essentially at fault, it is vital that your truck accident attorney get to the bottom of the problem, the reasons why the truck or trucker performed in the way it did, and how that affected you and the other drivers on the road.

Commercial truck drivers are highly regulated and are not allowed to drive non-stop for days on end. They must be tested for drugs, alcohol, or any kind of stimulant that they may use to stay awake, and their logs must be checked to ensure they have not been driving beyond the legal limit. Without the assistance of a true truck accident lawyer, you will not know the intricacies of trucking accidents and what is involved.

A truck accident settlement can be very difficult to get if you are dealing with an inexperienced attorney, so no matter what type of truck accident you are dealing with, always choose the best truck accident lawyers you can find.