Three Year Old Girl Suffers Skull Fracture at Dodger Stadium

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – A 3-year-old girl whose skull was fractured by a line drive during batting practice at Dodger Stadium was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. The accident that caused the surgery occurred Monday when Dodgers catcher Russell Martin hit a line drive in the stands near third base. It hit the girl and knocked her unconscious according to Dodgers spokesman Joe Jareck. The girl was sitting with her father at the time and he rushed he to the first aid station. The Fire Department subsequently transported the girl to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Jareck said batting practice continued, but Martin was upset by the incident and has offered to pay for the girl’s medical expenses. Jareck did not have the girl’s name. A hospital spokeswoman would not comment on the girl’s condition because of privacy laws. The girl’s injury is not believed to be life threatening but it was not clear if she would have any long- term disabilities.

Our hearts go out to the young girl injured in this accident. We hope she will make a full recovery. Usually when you attend a sporting event such as this one, you consent to the risks involved with the purchase of your ticket. This usually means that, if you are injured while at the event, you do not have a case against the sporting venue or responsible party. Those rules may be different, however, if you are injured by someone who is acting outside the scope of what you would expect.